San Gabriel River Trail at Whittier Narrows. South El Monte CA.

No. The world does not need another bike blog, but I am starting one anyway.

Why? I like to ride bikes and I like to write. Riding bikes and writing are both creative pursuits of liberation in small increments.

Where does this blog fit in to the blogosphere? My intention is to focus on the experience of riding the roads and trails of the western United States. As a historian, my research has been exclusively focused on the history of the American West in the 20th century. As an attorney, my practice centers almost entirely on legal issues that are more-or-less exclusive to the arid western states: the adjudication of water rights for irrigation, livestock, commercial, municipal, and domestic use. I am fascinated by the American West and have lived my entire life west of the Mississippi. It is a passion of mine to cycle remote places and experience them in a way unique to cycling: slow enough to savor every inch, but fast enough to get somewhere.

So here it begins: from the sandy low deserts, to the Rocky Mountains; from the high plains, to the Pacific Ocean. I will be documenting interesting rides, fascinating people, cool places, and useful gear. Please join me.